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Have The Right To Speak With An Attorney

When Do You Have The Right To Speak With An Attorney?

The rights of a citizen who has been accused of a crime are central to U.S. democracy. As a nation, we’ve long prided ourselves on granting due process to each defendant, regardless of charge or ability to afford an attorney. Let’s look at the law, how it’s changed, and the ways in which it affects … Continued

Firing your lawyer

What If I Want To Fire My Lawyer?

The attorney-client relationship was conceived as being beneficial to both parties (just like the relationship between a defendant and a knowledgeable bail bond agent is beneficial to both parties). The client gains the experience and labor of the attorney and the attorney advocates for the client in return for financial compensation. But sometimes these relationships … Continued

Legal paper discussing how attorneys get paid

How Are Attorneys Paid?

In a criminal or civil case, your attorney is your best advocate. Just like a trustworthy bail bond agent can be your best friend when you are in jail.  Whether you’re charged with a crime, going through a divorce, or settling an estate, an attorney skilled in that specific area of practice can guide you … Continued

What is Reasonable Doubt

What Is “Reasonable Doubt”?

If you’ve ever encountered the criminal justice system, watched the news, or seen a crime drama on TV, you’ve probably heard the term “beyond a reasonable doubt.” But what these words mean and how are they applied in a legal setting may not be immediately clear. It’s worth a moment to examine the origins of … Continued

Sending Mail To Inmates

For someone who is incarcerated, a letter from a friend or loved one on the outside can be a sustaining lifeline, providing a sense of connection and hope. But sending mail to inmates can be complex, as all communication between inmates and the outside world is controlled at least to some degree by prison staff. … Continued

Picture of the Objective Jail Classification System

Understanding The Objective Jail Classification System

For over a century, U.S. jails have followed a classification system that separates males from females, adults from juveniles, and sentenced from pre-sentenced arrestees. Overcrowding and other factors (such as the rise in gang-related crime) have forced many jail systems to add new layers of classification based on an arrestee’s history. While these distinctions vary … Continued

Collateral Used To Post Bond

The 6 Most Common Types Of Collateral Used To Post Bond

If a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime, securing their release until trial is essential. Pretrial release on a bail bond can help defendants meet work and family obligations and can provide valuable time to assist their attorneys in preparing a defense. A trusted and reliable bail bond agent can help … Continued

Probable Cause

What Is Probable Cause?

We often hear about law enforcement officers being required to show “probable cause” before searching a vehicle, making an arrest, or seizing a citizen’s property. But what is probable cause, and how is it applied on the street? The idea of probable cause goes back to our Founding Fathers and can be found in the … Continued

Key Facts About DUI Checkpoints

5 Key Facts About DUI Checkpoints

Since the early 1980s, random sobriety checkpoints have become a common sight along America’s roadways. But for those who’ve yet to experience one, they can seem confusing. Here are 5 essential facts you need to know when facing a roadside sobriety checkpoint. Keep in mind that if you are arrested at a DUI checkpoint, having … Continued