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Designated Driver Alternatives for the Holidays

  The holidays are fast approaching, and with them come office parties, family celebrations, and New Year’s Eve gatherings – all where alcohol is served. The penalties for driving under the influence in Georgia are steep, and the potential human costs of a DUI accident cannot be tallied. Why risk a wreck or arrest during what … Continued

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Field Sobriety Testing—Your Rights And Responsibilities

  In 2017, Georgia authorities convicted 22,955 motorists of driving under the influence (DUI).1  If that number startles you, it should. Both local and state police are always on the lookout for impaired drivers. And while nobody wants to be pulled over by the police for suspicion of driving while impaired or intoxicated, if it … Continued

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What To Know Before Cosigning A Bail Bond

  It’s late and you get a call from a friend or family member. They’ve been arrested and can’t make bail without your help. They’re asking that you act as a cosigner on their bond. You want to help but you are unsure of your rights and responsibilities. Here are a few things you should … Continued

Is The Bail Process Different For Immigrants?

Is The Bail Process Different For Immigrants?

  The detention of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. has become an issue of national importance. The number of foreign nationals detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has increased dramatically under the current administration, so it’s more important than ever to understand your rights if you are arrested and detained by ICE.    … Continued

While the concept of bail goes back to England and began centuries ago, today’s modern bail system is governed in large part by Federal law and the Bail Reform Act of 1984.

Where Did The Idea Of Bail Originate?

  Cash bail, and the bail bonds system as we know it, was not always a feature of the criminal justice system. The system we have in America today started long before America was even discovered. So to understand how we got here, we have to go back and look at England, somewhere between AD … Continued