A Look At The Bond Hearing Process

  We tend to think of a trial as a single event, but in reality, it is a multi-stage process. The pretrial procedures begin with arrest and booking and extend through to the defendant’s first appearance and bond hearing. The result of the bond hearing determines whether a defendant may be released on bond until … Continued

Unlawful Arrests, Are They Common?

Unlawful arrest (also called “false arrest”) is one of the darker aspects of the American criminal justice system. To understand unlawful arrest and its magnitude, we must look briefly at the laws surrounding the act of arrest itself. Then we can better examine the available statistics on how many unlawful arrests occur in the U.S. … Continued

Learning The Bail Bond Language – A Basic Glossary

If you’re encountering the bail bonds system for the first time, the experience can be confusing. You might feel that the people in charge of securing your release (or the release of a loved one) are speaking an unfamiliar language, and this can add to the stress of an already stressful situation. To help reduce … Continued

What To Do Before You Turn Yourself In

Learning that you have an outstanding arrest warrant can be upsetting. Maybe you missed a court date because you didn’t receive proper notification or because the date was changed at the last minute. Whatever the cause, you know you have to deal with the warrant, but you aren’t sure of the next right thing to … Continued

Finding Employment For The Formerly Incarcerated

One of the greatest challenges facing the ex-offender is securing steady employment. Many employers are hesitant to consider applicants with criminal records, and the job prospects for those with a prior felony conviction are often limited. But the news isn’t all bad. Here we’ll take a look at some ways the formerly incarcerated can find … Continued

Coping With An Incarcerated Loved One

One of the hardest of life’s many challenges is coping while a loved one is behind bars. For many, it is a time of hardship and upheaval that can strain a family’s resources, test personal relationships, and damage reputations. But if you find yourself in this situation, it is important to know that you are … Continued